Monday, 25 June 2012

Garage Conversion Adds Value

It seems the big trend of 2012 appears to be ‘space’. Recent research by HSBC has stated that an attic renovation can add around £20 876 to a property. With many people in the property market having already acknowledged this their attentions are now turning to other areas that can be renovated such as the garage. Door Handles LTD who is one of the leading suppliers of internal door handles in the UK and Ireland is currently giving weekly tips on how to increase the value of properties. The company who is the exclusive stockist Dorspec has a very close relationship to the construction industry and therefore has a very good insight to the trends in this sector.
The reason why garage renovations are so highly sought after at present is due to the fact that they are a great way to increase the living space without actually having to extend the property. Traditionally the garage is a place where a vehicle is stored but it is becoming much more common these days to see a garage used for many other purposes.
Some garages are being renovated into games rooms for children as a safe environment for their children to play, whilst still being on the property of the house. They can easily be transformed from an ordinary garage into a games room by removing any dangerous objects, adding carpet and bean bags. Televisions and games consoles are another great use for the garage as they keep any undesired noise outside of the house. However it is not just children that can take advantage of a games room. Something like a pool table or dart board can be enjoyed by the more mature house members.
Another great use for the garage is turning it into a personal gym. Weights machines, treadmills and exercise bicycles take up a considerable amount of space in a house. They are also heavy and have the potential to damage carpet and floorboards, whereas placing these items in a garage is an ideal location as they are much easier to transport via the large garage door entrance rather than edging them through narrow doorways.
By renovating the garage into another room such as a playroom or gym will certainly be attractive to those house hunters who are looking for that little something extra and may certainly give it an edge over other competition in a similar price range.

Fashion Furniture

Enjoy the finest and unbelievable discount offer on every furniture item at FurnitureInFashion. The company is providing a cheap shopping experience to its customers with a special sale up to 80% along with special extra discounts over these purchases. This offer is available for both in store and online as well. FurnitureInFashion is one of the largest online retail stores in UK offering unique and trendy furniture items to its customers at competitive prices. The company aims at exploring and maintaining the convenience of online buying experience.
FurnitureInFashion is known for its competitive prices, enhanced customer support and fast delivery. The company offers more than 7000 different products suitable not only for household usage but also saloons, office settings, factory and shopping centers as well. They supply everything from umbrella stand,wall arts and room dividers to bar stools, bedroom furniture and computer desks. To celebrate the successful business and growing customers, FurnitureInFashion is awarding its customers different discounts on different purchases.
Currently, FurnitureInFashion is offering three great discount offers over three different amounts of orders in addition to the sale up to 80% on every item. The first great discount offer by FurnitureInFashion is an extra 5% off on orders that amount over £750. This will include almost all items from living room furniture, dining room furniture to simple TV stands and lighting etc. The flexibility of this offer makes the discount rates of FurnitureInFashion very attractive and practical as the customers can choose any product within this range or above to avail the 5% off discount offer.
FurnitureInFashion offers another discount offer where the customers can avail a discount of extra 10% off on orders over £ 1500. As there is no restriction on the products, this discount offers an ideal range for all the customers who wish to bring maximum novelty and modern touch in their living styles and home. Another attractive discount offer by FurnitureInFashion for its customers is extra 15% off on orders over £ 3000. The company offers discount coupon codes for convenient shopping experience. The customers need to add the items in their basket. After completing the shopping, they are required to enter discount code in the box marked “Coupon Code”. Only one discount code can be used per order. FurnitureInFashion has ensured a convenient shopping experience for its customers by providing simple codes and processes.
In addition to this, FurnitureInFashion is also offering discounts on the settings for its customers. Now customers can buy a complete home solution at a very reasonable price and enjoy the discounts as well. As the business of FurnitureInFashion is expanding, the presence of new showroom has allowed the company to add new items in bulk at their stores which has definitely increased the buying options for customers. FurnitureInFashion has been able to win major clientele of contemporary furniture including the new coffee houses, restaurants and small offices.
FurnitureInFashion works in a parallel direction with the increasing demand of modern furniture. The modern homeowners now increasingly demand for unique settings with additional emphasis of bedroom designs, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, sofa sets and chairs. The company with the help of increasing sales and profits has been able to add every item in their showrooms, hence making their supply impeccable and ideal for any homeowner. This topped with attractive discounts and sales has made FurnitureInFashion invincible.
When customers combine the 80% sale with the three different extra discounts, the savings they will make will be huge. Anyone can claim the discount coupons by either operating the online accounts with FurnitureInFashion or by visiting the showroom of the company. FurnitureInFashion has become the most visited and largest online furniture retail store site and specializes in unique products, great discounts and honest reviews. So do not miss on the discounts!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Is my company getting the cleaning service it deserves?

With business finances never been tighter than ever before it is more important than ever to ensure every penny is well spent and returns value for money. The cost of your office cleaning and exactly what you get for your money has equally fallen under the fiscal microscope like never before.
The days of non accountability should be a thing of the past, however sadly in some companies this is not the case.  Examples can still be found of businesses not using the services of cleaning companies who have a proof of “time on site “system. 

Principle of Office Cleaning

The principal behind such a system is simple and extremely effective .It is an electronic logging system leaving an audit of what time and who arrived and left your office. This can then be built on reports which you can access on a regular basis. There are plenty such systems being used by reputable cleaning companies such as Ezitracker and Staffcheck however there are many more packages like these mentioned being used by cleaning companies.

The benefits behind such a system are clear, you know exactly how much time was spent cleaning your offices and precisely who was there. This ensures accountability and gives you reassurance your business has received the time you are paying for.

It also demonstrates your cleaning company (or one you are considering using) take service and value for money seriously ,which in the current climate should be a must .It also gives a good indication that the cleaning company are likely to ensure that other aspects of their business are as clean as your offices should be , for instance it is less likely that they are employing cleaners who are also on benefits or working illegally (due to lack of visa or permit etc) although it should be pointed out it is only an indicator and should not be taken as fact . The likelihood however is their organisation will be a fit and proper one as using a tracking system on their staff leaves an audit trail which authorities like department of work and pensions or borders forces could easily seize should they choose to investigate the conduct of the business and who the company employ.

Office Cleaning Company

Therefore if you have had suspicions for some time that your offices just don’t appear to be as clean as they should be then maybe it’s time to investigate the benefits of such a system further. Let’s be honest none of us like to think we are being short changed however and your cleaning services were probably never at the top of the list of services to audit and monitor. Times and finances have changed however so maybe it’s time to check your current cleaning companies quality of service a little closer.

Office cleaning company, Coronet Clean Team, is aware of the importance of a professional service. This article was written by Coronet Clean Team. For Office Cleaning Glasgow or Commercial Cleaning Edinburgh contact Coronet Clean Team

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bedroom Tips For Buying a Bed

When you are buying a new bed you are making a big decision as the bed you choose will determine everything from how much sleep you get to the layout of your bedroom. Style, comfort, cost and size are just a few of the factors you will need to consider when you are buying a new bed. To help the decision process, check out the top ten tips below.

1. Plan the layout of your bedroom before you buy a bed and also measure the size of the area available for the bed. It's no use looking to buy a king size bed if it's too big for your bedroom.

2. Even if you plan to buy your bed online, visit bed showrooms and shops and test the beds out in person. Just because a review says the bed is comfortable, it might not be suitable for your requirements.

3. Decide what style of bed you would like and which will complement your current interior design. Choose a material such as wood, metal or a fabric divan bed and then decide on whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary style.

4. Set a budget to buy a bed and invest wisely so you get the best bed you can for your money as it can be a far better long term investment than settling for a cheap bed.

5. Scour the internet for online bed sales and clearances as you could find some great deals on the beds that you've tried and tested on the high street.

6. If you are buying a bed for your guest room then if you can afford it and if you have the space, buy a queen size bed or larger so that you can accommodate couples.

7. Buy a bed with the right support for your back. Firm beds are thought to be better for the back but you have to make sure you buy a bed which fits your personal requirements so the bed is supportive but still comfortable.

8. If you have issues with mobility then when you buy a bed you should consider its height. Higher level beds are ideal if you have trouble raising yourself out of bed or bending down to get in.

9. Checkout the warranty on the bed you plan to buy and see if it is covered for defects in workmanship and manufacturing. This way if anything is wrong with your bed, you can claim a hassle-free replacement or ask for a refund.

10. When you buy a bed find out how it will be delivered and how you will move it to your bedroom. If you buy a king size bed and it can't be dismantled then you might have trouble getting it up the stairs and into your bedroom.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Just how good is your cleaning company?

Coronet provide office cleaning in central Scotland. As a Office Cleaning Glasgow based company, Coronet know a thing or two about office cleaning.

Many cleaning companies have the unenviable reputation of being considered poor in quality and sloppy in the delivery of services. As with many industries there is temptation for people with limited or no experience at all to look at the trade in general and believe they could set up a company and enter the market place.

The reality is of course somewhat different as it takes many years experience to understand the trade properly. This holds true right across the business from employing the correct staff through to understanding how to quote both competitively and accurately without cutting corners.

It is vital for instance when quoting for contracts within the health sector that there is an understanding as to how long it would take to deep clean an operating theatre. Within this field of work it is essential that the work is carried out to perfection as patients lives are at risk from infection or even death at the extreme. This means a detailed knowledge of what is required is an absolute must when costing materials and time. You can hardly for instance realize after the contract is underway that because the costings were wrong, try to cut corners either by reducing time on site or use sub standard cleaning fluids and the like in a cost saving exercise.

It is also important to recruit experience or have a mix of experience and trainees in order to ensure a greater standard of work is maintained .By employing experienced staff there is a higher probability that references will be available to allow a reputable cleaning company to measure a prospective new employee. It also helps when assessing an employee’s trust worthiness and ability to work unsupervised if this has been prevalent in their previous employment.

By ensuring a good mix of experience and trainees can be highly beneficial to the company .By carefully selecting experienced staff to work alongside trainees will have the benefit of onsite training which in turn will result in more qualified staff trained to the company’s standards.
Of course using best practice and employing the correct standard of staff does cost more than a company happy to cut corners however this should be offset by additional business being won by the former.
It is also highly probable that a company using best practice will be around for many years to come, the same is unlikely to be said of a company ran by inexperienced personnel.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Home Furnishings: Top Tips

When buying for home furniture, there are a lot of tips that you need to be aware of in order to get the best out of the quality and from the price. There are numerous stores that sell furniture for the home and you may get confused on which place is the best for you. It is never recommended to buy the first furniture that you like. Always look for more items and selections first so that you can make sure that what you are buying is the best in the market.

The bedroom is one place in your home that you may want to redecorate. When choosing home bedroom furniture the best tip to follow is finding the best and the most comfortable. The bedroom is your private sanctuary and it is very important that your bedroom furniture is comfortable. For instance, when you are buying a bed for your room, choose the one that you find at ease with. Do not be afraid to test out the bed, its foam and how it feels once you lay on it. Also do not forget to measure the size of the bed that it can fit perfectly in your room. For the home bathroom furniture, choose the ones that can fit into the space of your bathroom. Keep it elegant and simple.

For the furniture in your home, the trick is finding the perfect design and color that can match your place. One home furniture store can carry countless furniture that have different color, designs and materials to suit your home. Some of them may have offers of making made to order furniture if you cannot find the design and the color that you want. These made to order furniture may cost more than the regular ones in the store, but if you have the budget and you are willing to wait, this could ensure that you will get the furniture that you want. When shopping for home furniture, it is important that you are getting items that are of good quality. You may want your furniture to last for years. Paying for cheap but low quality furniture will only cost you more in the long run because you will need to repair or buy new furniture from time to time.

When choosing the sofas or armchair of your living room, the rule is like that of the bedroom, choose the sofa or armchair that can give you comfort. Your guests or family will be sitting in these sofas when you get together or watch television, a comfortable sofa means a lot. Also make sure that the sofa can match your room color. It does not have to be the same color, but something that can compliment your home. There is also other home d├ęcor furniture that you may want to add like coffee tables, side tables or a small chair or tea table. These are good furniture to add to your room if you have enough space. Overcrowding a room with furniture is never a good idea. It will only make your home look smaller and disorganized.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sliding Wardrobes: Excellent story

Sliding wardrobe doors are the wardrobe lovers dream. I know what your thought process is; is there such a thing as a wardrobe lover? If the majority of wardrobes owned by a person are inferior, pokey and loosely held together pieces of wood, chances are not. However, if sliding wardrobe doors are the choice of wardrobe for a person, with their spaciousness, their high quality and their attractiveness, then the answer is yes; If you owned sliding wardrobe doors, you too would be a wardrobe lover.
Many sliding wardrobe doors are spacious wardrobes, allowed such room by the sliding nature of the doors, which tends to move very smoothly owing to their top hung system. The sliding wardrobe doors allow owners much room to store a variety of shoes, of clothes and of other assorted ephemera, such as old Christmas cards and photographs of partners long forgotten.
The typical systems used in conjunction with sliding wardrobe doors are the top hung system and the bottom rolling system, both allowing for spacious wardrobes and both allowing the doors to be slid along their hinges. The bottom rolling system is harder to manoeuvre than the top hung system, due to the weight of the doors being placed upon the rolling track, but is still far smoother and convenient than the doors of an atypical wardrobe.
The pricing for sliding wardrobe doors is often very reasonable, pricing equating to the iteration of sliding wardrobe doors that is requested, altering owing to time and monetary constraints and the materials that may wish to be used. Sliding wardrobe doors providers will often offer this price once the details of the wardrobe requested are provided and will then provide the details as to when they will be assembling the wardrobe and whether the materials requested are, indeed, available.